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Preloading a cache for a tiered storage system

In this blog post, we explore the practical aspects of tiered storage systems, focusing on the nuances of hot and cold storage layers using different cache system strategies. The premise starts with the system’s initialization and an empty hot layer or cache and illustrate the impact of prepopulating a cache with randomly selected geospatial data. Specifically centered around landsat scenes within the continental US, the two layers—cold storage and hot storage (set up as a least recently used cache)—play key roles in the experiment. We’ll delve into the mechanics of data requests categorized as region, state, or county, and how the system strategically manages landsat scenes in the least recently used cache.

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Implementing Geospatial Calculations on the EVM using Linearized Approximations

The implementation of mathemematical formulas in EVM programming languages such as solidity is difficult and uninutitive due to the lack of floating points. Additionally, contracts might rely on libraries for functions that are deprecated, or insecure. This article will present a method to implement any mathematical function on an EVM smart contract, with the ultimate purpose of creating a framework for geospatial calculations within a smart contract.

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