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FIL Network Base Austin 23 Lightning Talk

Watch John Solly, the Lead Geospatial Developer at the EASIER Data Initiative present his lightning talk at the FIL Network Base in Austin Texas. His talk will explore use cases for Filecoin and IPFS being utilized to store publicly funded geospatial data to promote accessibility for research and academic institutions.

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A New Way to Reference and Retrieve Geographic Data

Web3 is an exciting and rapidly evolving space for geographic information. This post explores how EASIER uses STAC, Filecoin, and IPFS to store, retrieve, and analyze geospatial data.

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The EASIER Data Initiative Launch

We are thrilled to announce the EASIER Data Initiative, a @umdgeography, and @FFDWeb collaboration. We make it easier to upload and retrieve geospatial data from decentralized storage systems including #Filecoin and #IPFS.

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